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Center Korak's website redesigned, to help them present their charity supporting individuals with disabilities
The Royal Affair's online store revamped to attract recurrent customers in the beauty and cosmetics industry
First prize at Celine, LVMH to redesign their iconic Poulbot bag
winner of Celine's contest for Comite Colbert
Brand strategy for Novelius Medical, a pioneering beauty brand
Digital brochure design for a personal development mentor and therapist
Corporate website design, copywriting, and setup for a woman business coach
Design of a personalized coloring book
Website design for a new parenting platform supporting young entrepreneur parents
Digital brochure design for a motherhood mentor supporting women after giving birth
Online store complete overhaul on Shopify to elevate EQUA, an international wellness brand
Stop carbone digital and print solutions for an environmental campaign
brand elevate build the first environmental campaign in real estate
Website elevation and creative direction proposals for The NU, a pioneering AI health platform with personalized suppplements
Branding and app development for Visionect, a tech startup
brochure design and brand elevation for Slovenski podjetniški sklad, a national entrepreneurial fund
logo design for en energy company
logo design contest winner agency
online store revamp for a specialty coffee brand designing award-winning products
brochure and website for a pioneering hairstyle studio
branding and digital brochure design and development for a yoga teacher, mentor, and health coach
Brand Elevate build the recruitment website of megagence, a real estate network
leading for change, new brand design for corporate leaders in the change industry
Full branding for ERA France
Marine Lavaupot won a double first prize for redesigning the universe of Poulbot, Celine's iconic handbag
Branding for Novelius medical, a beauty brand formulating all-natural collagen supplements
Awarded first prize at the prestigious comite colbert's design competition
Full branding and marketing for megagence, pioneering real estate network in France
Goat Story's ecommerce website revamped
Logo and visual identity design for ECE, Elektro Celje Energije, an national energy company
Marine Lavaupot, founder of the digital agency Brand Elevate
saying hello to Brand Elevate's audience and customers

I'm Marine. My team and I are obsessed with elevating brands and help them make a positive impact.

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